Scouting and sport performance prediction
Olocip offers the first predictive performance analysis solution which specialises in the management and planning of teams and staff, based on objectivity and contextualisation within the club itself. Artificial Intelligence applied to performance analysis allows technical teams, scouting departments or agencies to work with data which complements professional experience throughout the player analysis and signing process. Effective use of time, full league coverage, contextualisation, objectivity, and reduced uncertainty maximise the likelihood of success when it comes to the final decision on a player’s future.

Key characteristics

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

Full league and competition coverage (400+)

Variable categories such as offense, defence, plays, market value...

Daily updates

Scientifically validated models and contextualisation

Olocip has developed a predictive performance analysis and scouting platform that allows each player to be contextually analysed and for their performance to be predicted in their destination club, as opposed to descriptive analyses and techniques based on the player’s past performance.
In this way, complementary information can be offered to the team that, under scientific rigor, provides new insights in the signing and analysis processes.

How can we help?

Player progression for those staying with the team next season

Performance prediction for potential signings for next season

Identifying potential similar players in a destination club

Team performance prediction in the case of player transfer

Why use Artificial Intelligence predictive analysis?

AI predictive analysis provides new information by contextualizing the player in new settings and generates an up-to-date understanding of them. ​

Through Artificial Intelligence, patterns are identified in observed data that can be extrapolated for future performance and allows for contextualisation of the player.

Allows for dramatic reduction of uncertainty and thus reduces the margin of error in each decision.

Scientific validations using procedures specialised in machine learning.​

Success stories

Olocip’s predictive models and Artificial Intelligence allows me to evaluate a player’s future performance, even in situations that have not appeared during their career.

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