Implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems which generate information to maximise key objectives (KPIs)

What problems does it solve?

Our demand forecasting solution is aimed at businesses and production units that work with variable demand.
For many companies it is difficult to plan purchases, production, stock and staff management if demand varies over time.

How can we help?

Integration, homogenisation and uniformity of data sources

Multivariate data interrelationships

AI Ready

Quality data structures

Time series prediction system that provides an estimate of the different variables in a future context

That is why at Olocip, by applying machine learning, we have created a predictive model through which it is possible to know the demand for your products in the short, medium, and long term.
Furthermore, this solution helps reduce potential surplus, avoid stock shortages, and optimise production.

Why use our solution?

Predicting each variable (sales, demand, stock, region, customer...)

Prediction for specific time frames (days, weeks, months...)

Avoiding stock shortages

Optimising strategies and resources

Maximising sales

Success stories

Olocip’s Artificial Intelligence allows me to predict future demand, optimise production and maximise sales.

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