Health, physical performance and injury prevention

Artificial Intelligence platform designed to integrate and collate all data sources in the field of health and physical performance and specialised in the prevention of injuries via the use of prescriptive and predictive data.
Olocip’s systems integrate your organisation’s data into a ‘Data Lake’ by pooling the information, scaling it to large volumes, while ensuring the integrity and security of the data throughout.
Our tools implement AI-based governance strategies that analyse data via multivariables to detect and correct data inconsistencies. This process allows you to get the most out of your data and ensures that it is ready for integration into AI systems (AI-Ready).

Key Characteristics

Custom Artificial Intelligence Dashboard

AI Ready - Refined data using Artificial Intelligence techniques for custom analytics

Ability to scale and incorporate future data sources into a high-quality data structure

Our system uses anomaly detection models to alert the user to situations that may impact an athlete’s health or performance. These models can be later used technical staff and medical teams to avoid situations that put players at high risk of injury.

How can we help?

Integration, homogenisation and uniformity of data sources via AI

Multivariate inter-relationships between various data sources (GPS, Anthropometry, blood testing, genetic testing...)

Identification of each weakness that can increase the risk of player and squad injury

Identification of anomalies in multivariate time series

Risk prediction for routine injuries by area of the body

Success stories

Studying an athlete in detail is essential to optimise performance and to get to know them on a personal level. Studies of genetics, microbiome, metabolism, and physical activity, combined with artificial intelligence, are the future.

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Success Stories

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