Olocip’s Artificial Intelligence models existing tennis data and provides in-depth and meaningful analysis by extracting moves and play in a tennis match and turns it into new data and understanding. Olocip has its own computer vision systems that provides solutions beyond the scope of any other type of analysis.

Key characteristics

Computer vision system capable of automatically synchronising player movements and key occurrences.

Recognition of key anatomical features and individual players

Ball tracking and hit detection

Simple and complex play detections

Unlimited register of custom variables

Our solution offers the possibility to extract and analyse unlimited custom variables to provide performance analysis information of the team, progression and analysis of players and rivals during match preparation. The most valuable information can only be extracted via the most innovative techniques. In performance analysis, Olocip’s technology offers the industry a new dimension in analysis.

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Preparación de partidos, torneos y análisis de rivales

Análisis de puntos fuertes y débiles

Generación de bases de datos propia de tracking y eventing

Visualización personalizada (gráficos, mapas de calor, highlights...)

Extracción y análisis de cualquier variable personalizada de forma ilimitada

Success stories

Extracting the most valuable information is only possible with the most innovative techniques. Olocip's technology applied to performance analysis offers the industry a new dimension of analysis.

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Success Stories

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