Implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems aimed at deseasonalising the sector, increasing average pending per tourist and studying of the impact of Covid19

What problems does it solve?

Our pandemic trend, seasonality and impact analysis solution allows you to identify target areas in the tourism industry.
To make the best decisions, it is essential for both public and private entities to understand the current state and the future of their sector.

How can we help?

Predictive monitoring platform with predictive capabilities

AI Ready quality data structure

Analysis of tourism trends

Seasonal trends within each variable

Evaluation of the impact of Covid-19

Smart recovery

Prediction of variables and future occupancy statistics

Tourists, assets and campaigns

Tourist profile segregation

Engagement analysis

Predicting campaign performance and impact

Recommendation system and content planner

Recommendation system and content planner

Olocip has developed a platform that allows for careful analysis of each variable that can impact a business and which gives the opportunity to see trends and seasonality as future values.
Furthermore, this system allows for objective evaluation of the impact of Covid-19 and the recovery rate of each variable.

Why use our solution?

Digital transformation and future-context knowledge generation

Design customised plans to attract different tourist profiles

Attract high-end tourism

Increase tourist numbers and occupancy rates

Optimise seasonal occupancy

Success stories

Marbella olocip

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, our Olocip system will allow us to optimise the quality of tourism and deseasonalise the sector in Marbella in the long term.

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Success Stories

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