Scouting | Valencia CF

Valencia CF is a Spanish football club that plays in La Liga, the highest category of soccer in Spain.

Winner of 6 La Liga titles, 8 Copa del Rey trophies, and 1 Spanish Super Cup, it also boasts 7 international titles, making it the 4th Spanish club with the most European titles.

The challenge

The concern within various departments of Valencia CF led them to launch one of the most ambitious projects in a football club: VCF Innovation Hub.

With its establishment, the Valencian entity embraces technology as a supporting tool to grow in various areas: sports, medical, smart stadium, and fan engagement.

In their quest for improvement, Valencia understood that the use of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence would allow them to make a significant leap in their sports management.

Our Solution

Valencia CF inteligencia artificial en los fichajes

Valencia CF: Plataforma de análisis de rendimiento predictivo

Olocip provides Valencia CF, both the VCF Academy and the men’s and women’s first teams, with the latest artificial intelligence systems for performance analysis.

The sports management of the Valencian entity has access to our artificial intelligence platform, TCT-Scout. It is the only intelligent scouting solution based entirely on machine learning techniques, with predictive capabilities, and the ability to contextualize and estimate future performance and market value.

Our predictive tool covers all leagues, competitions, and players and will support the Valencian sports management during the transfer and sales process.

Furthermore, the analysis department of Valencia CF also has a post-match analysis solution that, thanks to the use of AI technologies, objectively evaluates players’ actions in qualitative terms, not just quantitative, based on their context from game to game.

Performance Prediction

Do you want to incorporate the use of artificial intelligence systems in your sports management to improve decision-making?

"We are very pleased to have a company like Olocip on board. At the club, we strongly believe in the integration of new technologies in football, and we are delighted to make use of their artificial intelligence tool. It's a collaboration that aligns perfectly with the goals of the VCF Innovation Hub."

Luis Martínez, director operaciones Valencia CF