Implementing Artificial Intelligence systems to optimise the decision-making process in the finance industry

What problems does it solve?

Due to its intrinsic complexity, uncertainty dominates the financial sector. It is of utmost importance to reduce this uncertainty if businesses want to optimise the performance of their most important assets and reduce risks in the decision-making process.
Nowadays, through Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of the industry which gives a higher degree of precision when managing negotiation and investment processes.

How can we help?

Credit risk



Applying Artificial Intelligence and Olocip’s experience allows us to look to the future through the lens of scientific understanding across the financial industry.

Sentiment analysis, credit risk modelling, automating different stages in trading processes, or predicting future asset performance optimise the decision-making process in the financial industry, all under scientific rigor and objectivity.

Why use our solution?

Identify suspicious profiles through predictive technology specialised in fraud prevention

Alert system for automatic detection of suspicious behaviour

Generate custom investment or credit plans

Credit and market risk quantitative modelling

Stock index prediction

Success stories

Olocip joins Madrid Capital FinTech (MAD FinTech), one of the world's largest financial and FinTech networks, to continue implementing artificial intelligence in the international finance industry.

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Success Stories

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