Artificial Intelligence has begun to change the way that sport is both reported and analysed. Thanks to the use of predictive models, the real information behind the data can be seen and the ins and outs of sport can be deciphered, giving us a new understanding of each area of game play that, up to this point, was not fully understood.

Key characteristics

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

Full league and competition coverage (400+)

Variable categories such as offense, defence, plays, market value...

Daily updates

Scientifically validated models and contextualisation

Pre and post-match

The use of AI in performance analysis will create a new information dimension with higher quality content and objectivity, which will help the user interpret sport more rigorously and impartially. Olocip offers media exclusive predictive content, and with the necessary objectivity to stand out the industry.

What type of content do we offer?

Ideal substitutes: Player identification based on performance prediction, not on past statistics

Predictive player performance analysis (progression)

Predictive performance comparison in destination club (scouting and transfer)

Objective assessment through AI: MVP ranking, XI of the day, best team...

Market value prediction


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